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Technical Summary


ECMAScript 5, ECMA2015/ES6, Angular.js (1.x & 2.0), React, Flux, TypeScript, jQuery, Knockout, Node.js, AJAX, Requires.js, EXTjs, MVVM, MVC, Jasmine, Jest, Sinon, Karma, Istanbul, Gulp, Express, Mongoose


ASP.NET, MVC, MVC, (Razor, Routing) Web Services, WebAPI, Microsoft Code Blocks, Azure, Lucene.NET, Entity Framework, Client Dependency Framework, Unity Dependency Injection, HTML Agility Pack, .NET Reflector, DotNetNuke, NUnit, SpecFlow


Bootstrap, LESS, SASS, Responsive Design, CSS3, HTML5


T-SQL, MongoDB, ADO.NET, DataSets, Entity Framework, LINQ, SQL Examiner, MongoVUE


Selenium, SubVersion, Git, TFS, Visual Studio, TeamCity, Gemini Project Management, NET Sparker Security Management, PowerShell, dotTrace Memory and Performance, Agile, Scrum, Extreme, Test Driven Development, Design Patterns


DNS Management: MX Records, A Records, C Names, etc.  SSL certificates, MySQL, C++, Oracle, IIS


ESPN – JavaScript Specialist, Technical Lead, and Architect

3/16 – Present

  • Increased the maintainability of future code by training existing staff of 15 people in the proper use of Ext's MVVM architecture
  • Improved the quality of ESPN's code base by recommending Ext specific JavaScript coding standards and practices.
  • Eliminated the need for Sencha Cmd by revealing the secret behind Cmd free shared code.
  • Ext JS 6.x, Jasmine, Karma, Istanbul, WebStorm, NPM, Gulp, Express

Local Investment Company – JavaScript Specialist & Trainer

9/15 - 1/16

  • By recognizing similarities between features, realized a 20% reduction in time necessary to complete the project.
  • Prepared and presented JavaScript/Angular training to existing staff of 15 programmers
  • ASP.NET WEBAPI, Bootstrap, Angular 1.4, JavaScript, Jasmine, Node.JS, PhantomJS, Karma, Istanbul

State of Connecticut DCF – Lead Developer

9/13 – 9/15

  • Learned Ext JS in three weeks and became the recognized expert in all things Ext, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, C#, and ASP.NET
  • Significantly reduced the amount of time we spent writing boilerplate code by recognizing patterns and coding the similarities in a parent class or by creating code generators that wrote the code for us.
  • MVC3, MVC5, Ext JS, C#, ExtDirect, Jasmine, NUnit, SpecFlow, Selenium, Jasmine, Karma and Instanbul, WebAPI, AJAX, TFS, Microsoft CodeBlocks, Unity Dependency Injection, ReSharper, Node.js

FamilyTime.com – Technical Lead, Trainer & Mentor

11/05 to Present

  • Increased the efficiency of an organization that was violating a number of programming best practices by educating and persuading them to try new ways of developing web application.
  • Became the recognized expert in all things ASP.NET, CSS, HTML, C#, and JavaScript
  • C#, ASP.NET, JavaScript, TypeScript, HTML, CSS, Subversion, Gemini project management, Agile, Scrum, Selenium, NUnit

DMB Consulting, LLC – Web Developer & Technical Coach

11/01 to Present

  • Various consulting and contract roles, most of which are covered above.

Other Fulltime and Contract Positions

Industries include: Training, Insurance, Trucking, Sales, Mental Health, e-Commerce, Diet and Health, Finance, and Mailing using: Clipper, Borland C++/OWL, Visual C++/MFC, Crystal Reports, Windows SDK, Structured Analysis and Design using Data Flow Diagrams (DFDs), .NET, etc.



  • SQL For .NET Programmers
  • NUnit 3.0 With Visual Studio 2015